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Mt. Judea Area Alliance's Summer Learning Camp

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Arkansas' Mt. Judea Area Alliance emerged from their community's struggle with the postal service closure debate of 2011. A group quickly formed to fight for the local Mt. Judea post office, and they wanted to show others that Mt. Judea was not willing to go down without a fight; this was a community that was not ready to die.

One of the Alliance's signature programs is its Summer Learning Camp (SLC). The SLC strives to ensure that participating students maintain or raise their reading levels and at the same time develop a lifelong love of reading. According to Beth Ardapple, "The Camp is truly a labor of love for our four current or retired certified teachers and five assistants. Several of them are in their fourth year of running the Camp."

We are pleased to report that we had more than 20 online donations for this project, and, subsequently, that we provided a $500 matching grant from our Grants in Place program. Here is a picture of Mt. Judea folks accepting their check!

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