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Rural Community Alliance

The Rural Community Alliance is a statewide advocate for rural public education and facilitates grassroots-led community revitalization projects in low-wealth communities. RCA has nearly 2,000 members in 64 communities.

Many RCA chapters participate in efforts to strengthen their local schools, whether on their own or facilitated by RCA staff or funding. Some notable examples include:

  • The Eudora Reads project , a community-wide campaign to promote early childhood literacy that includes tutoring pro- grams, reading circles, parent university, and the establishment of a Dolly Parton Imagination Library.
  • Summer Learning Camp in Mt. Judea, which gives elementary students learning reinforcement in basic schools as well as arts and science enrichment in mid-summer.
  • Matching funds from a King Foundation grant for such diverse activities as a tutoring program and children’s library in Waldo, a parent engagement summit at Dollarway, a children’s theater in Elaine, an initiative that engages fa- thers in their children’s education in Dermott, and the expansion of the Imagination Library project in Prairie County.
  • Cooperating wth the Rural Schools Collaborative for nine place-based education grants to rural Arkansas teachers to cover such diverse subjects as community history, creek ecology, an employment fair, a school and community gar- den, a nature trail, a public mural, a health and safety fair, and conservation projects in Alpena, Dermott, Bruno-Pyatt, Fox, Kirby, Lead Hill, and Weiner.

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