Place Network Schools

A collaborative network of innovative rural schools, in partnership with Teton Science Schools, a national leader in place-based education.

Place Network Schools

Connecting rural classrooms to communities

The Place Network of Teton Science Schools (PNTSS) is a collaborative network of rural K-12 schools that connect learning and communities to increase student engagement, academic outcomes, and community impact. Rural Schools Collaborative supports the network through its action-oriented hub system.

Our Partnership

Rural Schools Collaborative supports a working ecosystem of regional hubs that serve to increase excellence and innovation in rural communities. PNTSS supports the implementation and sustainability of a scalable rural school K-12 model. Together, Teton Science Schools and the Rural Schools Collaborative are working to build out the Place Network Schools, a collaborative network of rural K-12 school that connects learning and communities to increase student engagement, academic outcomes, and community impact.

The goal of the partnership between Teton Science Schools and the Rural Schools Collaborative is to use the latter’s regional Hub network as an infrastructure to support the build out of the Place Network Schools. The plan is to identify and ultimately work with one or two schools within each Hub region. This will allow for synergistic work between rural teacher corps efforts, school-centered philanthropy, and place-based professional development for classroom teachers.

Interested school leaders are invited to visit with Teton Science Schools representatives on the potential for joining the network. If a school or district decides to pursue membership in the Place Network Schools, the Rural Schools Collaborative will work with its Hub partners to explore ways of supporting the process.

We believe the Place Network Schools partnership promotes long-term sustainability, innovation, and revitalization of rural communities. Our hope is to create a network of schools that will inspire thoughtful place-based work throughout the country.

PNTSS Schools

Find out more about the first schools to join the Place Network. These pilot partners and their stories showcase how innovative rural place-based ed can transform student learning.

  1. Notus School District (ID)
  2. Swan Valley Elementary School District (ID)
  3. Meadows Valley School District (ID)
  4. Mountain River School (VT).
  5. University Charter School at the University of West Alabama (AL) - opening fall 2018.
  6. Koshkonong Trails (WI) - opening fall 2018.


Within an innovative place-based approach, competency-based assessment and project-based learning are implemented with a common learning model to ensure collaboration, fidelity, and quality across the network.

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