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This mural was a summer project of the Placeworks Art Initiative, which brings interdisciplinary art lessons to rural classrooms.

Placeworks projects Blue Jay Pride

August 11, 2016

It was a festive atmosphere Aug. 10 at Clever High School where a new mural, completed over the summer by art students under the guidance of Placeworks Teaching Artist Lillian Fitzpatrick, was unveiled to students, administrators and parents of the rural Christian County district.

The mural was the result of a summer-long effort by art teacher Mark Schmidt's students, which included lessons in 3D ceramics, plaster and paper work, and translating 2D shapes into 3D forms. Students also had the opportunity to "Raku fire" ceramic pieces. Enameled copper was another element incorporated into the mural.

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From Fitzpatrick:

"The installation is mixed-media, with mosaic techniques used mainly as a method of visually and physically joining the individual parts into six larger panels which also aides in hanging the piece. ... Many of [the students] found that they enjoy working with clay or metal. We used clay, plaster, and metal to create the individual pieces. With the exception of some broken dishes and mirrored pieces, all the forms were created by the students. "

For more information about Placeworks, visit their website. To apply for a Fall 2016 Placeworks grant, click here.

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