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High school students Zackery (left) and Matthew McKinnon do archival work at the Gasconade County Historical Archives and Records Center. Matthew is wearing cotton gloves to protect the documents from oils on his hands.

Student Archivists Connect Place to Local History

March 08, 2018

The Community Foundation of the Ozark’s Rural Schools Partnership and Louis L. Coover and Julia Dorothy Coover Charitable Foundation of Commerce Trust are key contributors to the Rural Schools Collaborative's overall Grants in Place program. Last spring the Community Foundation of the Ozarks awarded the Gasconade County Historical Society and Gasconade County schools a $5,825 grant to train area students on working with volunteers and a professional archivist to use computers to catalogue, digitize, and preserve original materials for use by researchers and future generations of people in Gasconade County. The project was coordinated by Iris Stovall, Maribeth Dann, and Alida Bader,

Funds were utilized to purchase computer hardware so that high school students, as part of their A+ volunteer program, would have the opportunity to learn about the careers of professional archivists. Students work with original historical documents, and they initiate the process of digitization of historical documents stored at the GCHS Archives for Gasconade County. In addition, the Gasconade County Historical Society (GCHS) purchased and installed a license of the PastPerfect software so that information about the private collections held by GCHS could be searched and viewed by students, members of the public, and by volunteers and employees of GCHS.

Congratulations to all of the Gasconade County participants on this exemplary place-based project.

Since 2015 the Rural Schools Collaborative and its Grants in Place partners have awarded more than $250,000 to teachers from across the country in support of innovative place-based projects. Get more great ideas from our recent Grants in Place recipients.

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