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Behind-the-scenes and real promotional photography was just a portion of the "rock band" experience that Placeworks teaching artists shared with Willard students earlier this month. (More photos below.)

Willard students get rock-star treatment via Placeworks

March 03, 2016

One of our favorite e-mails to receive is a batch of photos from our Placeworks Arts Initiative crew. The latest grins came courtesy of teaching artist Ashley Fillmer, who was part of a group that helped Willard South Elementary students not only write a song and produce a music video, but get a full "behind the scenes" experience as well.

From Ashley:

In addition to the 'behind the scenes' shots of the rock star shoot, you'll find album insert artwork with band names and a shot of us recording our song. The students learned about how art can inspire music by creating a soundscape then writing their own lyrics to a song based on a painting. We recorded the song together, and divided into smaller rock bands to create a band name, album art and an awesome band photo.

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