The Rural Schools Collaborative is pleased to announce the launching of our "I am a Rural Teacher" Twitter account, as requested by our rural teachers.

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"​I am a Rural Teacher" is now on Twitter

Monmouth, Illinois

October 31, 2018

The Rural Schools Collaborative encourages you to follow our new "I am a Rural Teacher" Twitter account. We thank all our partners and friends who helped and continue to help us on pushing the "I am a Rural Teacher" project forward, making the voices of rural teachers and rural areas heard.

Last year, the Rural Schools Collaborative launched “I am a Rural Teacher” campaign to celebrate rural teachers and their leadership efforts in their communities. "I am a Rural Teacher" campaign aims to recognize and celebrate teachers who are committed to rural areas.

While rural areas are misrepresented in the mainstream media, "I am a Rural Teacher" campaign comes as a natural response to this representation to share the stories, practices, and achievements of rural teachers and rural communities. In this campaign, rural teachers shared and continue to share their stories with us. Their stories share the rural advantage and how effectively rural teachers can utilize place-based education for a better learning experience to students, teachers, and the community. Their stories tell us how prestigious it is to be a rural teacher.

I am a Rural Teacher supports:

  1. Teacher-to-Teacher Conversation.
    Teachers may join the public Facebook group called “I am a Rural Teacher!” Teachers share photos, stories, curriculum ideas, and teaching experiences. This social marketing effort strives to foster a sense of purpose amongst the rural education community.
  2. Building a Rural Teacher Narrative
    "I am a Rural Teacher!" narratives (scroll down) showcase the stories of rural teachers.
  3. Rural Teacher Recruitment Efforts.
    Our RTC Network and related efforts are committed to purposeful teacher recruitment strategies with an emphasis on social justice and inclusive community development.

We are committed to this cause, and we are hopeful that our focus on message will play a role in strengthening the recruitment, preparation, and placement of rural teacher leaders. Hence, to add to that, we decided to put together a poll that put forth ideas on how to best promote the "I am a Rural Teacher" campaign and shared the poll with our followers on social media. And social media was ultimately the winner; the responses showed that over 80% of the participants chose the option of creating a new Twitter account dedicated to "I am a Rural Teacher". This new account will showcase stories of rural teachers, future educators, and rural community experiences.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll and contributed to the launch of this new account. Follow the "I am a Rural Teacher" Twitter account

I am a Rural Teacher is coordinated by our Community Engagement Intern, Courtney Harmon with support from our Community Engagement Fellow, Amjad Karokut at our Western Illinois Hub office in Monmouth College.

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