2022-23 Celia B. Godsil Grants in Place Fellows: Now Accepting Applications

August 15, 2022 |

Apply for the 2022-23 Godsil Fellows Program today! Applications are due by October 14, 2022.

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Rural Schools Collaborative is pleased to announce the 2022-23 Celia B. Godsil Grants in Place Fellows Program. The Celia B. Godsil Fellows program is offered in conjunction with our Regional Hub partners. Grants will be awarded to projects that will take place in the 2022-23 school year.

Eligibility for this grant is extended to rural classroom teachers who teach in school districts that are located in one of the Rural Schools Collaborative's fourteen regional Hub areas.

The Rural Schools Collaborative’s Celia B. Godsil Grants in Place Fellows program provides grant awards to rural school teachers who engage their students in exemplary place-based learning.

Eligible applicants should propose a place-based project that will be completed by the end of the 2022-23 school year. We understand that this year is providing abnormal learning challenges for many teachers and schools, and we will gladly consider projects that lean heavily on digital interactions and virtual work. Also, if the impacts of COVID-19 on your school community necessitate a project revision, we will be pleased to work with the grant recipient in that regard. We anticipate selecting a cohort of dynamic and committed educators with purposeful and creative ideas.

Proposed projects should address one or more of the basic tenets of place-based education. These include:
1. Local to Global Context
2. Learner-Centered
3. Inquiry-Based
4. Design Thinking
5. Community as Classroom
6. Interdisciplinary Approach

2021-22 Godsil Fellow, Amy Kaufman's students planting seeds for their community garden project.

Each Godsil Fellow will receive a total award of up to $2,500. Of this amount, $2,000 will be earmarked for the place-based project, and $500 will be provided to the educator as an honorarium. The Fellows Celebration of Learning is a required aspect of the program, and will be held virtually on Friday, June 2nd 2023. The convening of the fellows is an opportunity to share the results from each project, and hear from other fellows.

We invite you to check out our roster of inspiring Grants in Place projects:

Thank you!

The Grants in Place Fellows Program is funded through the generous support from Celia and Mark Godsil, in honor of Celia's career as a public school teacher and their belief in the importance of classroom teachers to rural communities. Celia and Mark reside in Abingdon, Illinois.

“Students greatly benefit from place-based education and rural teachers. Once a rural teacher influences their place and students, that impact will stay with them forever.”

The Rural Schools Collaborative would like to thank our 2022 -23 Grants in Place Selection Committee for their support of this project.

Tammy La Prad (Committee Chair, Monmouth College); Nate McClennen (Wyoming); Celia Godsil (Knox County, IL); Leslie Cook (Wyoming); Jeremy Eltz (Indiana)

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