A North Dakota Community Fund Supports the Arts in its Local School

Rural philanthropy can bolster public education!

November 21, 2018 |

A grant from the Lisbon Community Endowment Fund will support a variety of school-sponsored arts activities.

Alexie Adair is a PK Speech teacher with the Lisbon (North Dakota) Public Schools and a member of the district's Fine Arts Committee. Thanks to Alexie for sharing this story of the Lisbon Community Endowment Fund is making a difference in her school and community.

The benefits for participating in the Fine Arts are widely documented and include a range of advantages, from the development of neural systems to reducing student dropout rates, raising student attendance, and producing a more prepared citizen for the current workforce.The newly formed Lisbon Public Schools Fine Arts Committee was created following a noted decline of student participation in Fine Arts classes and activities at Lisbon Public Schools.The purpose of the committee is to educate students regarding the importance and benefits of participating in the Fine Arts, to support Fine Arts activities currently offered by Lisbon Public Schools, and to provide new and different Fine Arts-based programs and activities.

Thanks to a recent grant from the Lisbon Community Endowment Fund, the Fine Arts Committee will now have more capacity to fulfill its purpose. At this time, funds have been allocated to purchase educational posters regarding the benefits of the Fine Arts and promotional flyers advertising current activities available. Established fine arts activities will also be supported by the grant funds by

purchasing future members of the Elementary Honor Choir uniform t-shirts and using funds to purchase the art program appropriate full-size portable panels to safely display students' artwork on campus and in the community. Funds will also be used to support and advertise various new committee-sponsored events, including performances of the new Elementary Honor Choir and the first Broncos Got Talent Winter Talent Showcase.

We invite you to learn more about how community foundations can support and enhance rural public schools. In addition, we invite you to learn more about our work with our North Dakota Hub. The Lisbon Community Endowment Fund is part of the North Dakota Community Foundation.

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