A Thank You Letter Worth Reading

Dermott, Arkansas' Chrisis Toney reports on her Grants in Place project.

January 11, 2016 |

Left to right: Kristi Ridgell, Dermott superintendent; Chrisis Toney, Dermott High School family and consumer science teacher; Tanya Broadnax, Rural Community Alliance Southeast Regional director

We always enjoy a nice thank you letter from a school or teacher, but we especially appreciate it when the author takes the time to describe a project's good outcomes. Thanks so much to Dermott (AR) High School's Chrisis Toney for participating in our inaugural Grants in Place program and for taking the time to send in this informative letter.

TO: Rural Schools Collaborative

FROM: Mrs. Chrisis Toney, Dermott High School

DATE: November 17, 2015


First, let me just say, thank you! Your recent support of $400 means you understand just how important the health and safety of the community members in our small city of Dermott is to the Dermott School District.

The Health and Safety fair was a success. We were fortunate enough to have several professionals join us in this endeavor. The following group of professionals presented important information to members of the community that was very beneficial to them. The professionals that attended covered the following:

  • Chicot County Cooperative Extension Services addressed the importance of food safety and its effects on families. There was a demonstration of healthy snacks in the family as well.
  • The Dermott Parent and Teachers Information presented information in order to recruit community members into the organization. The PTA provided information in regards to future activities planned.
  • Community leaders presented information in regards to peer pressure, gang violence prevention, and physical fitness tips for the children and teens of southeast Arkansas.
  • Arkansas Department of Health presented information about a variety of services that are provided such as Women, Infant, and Children Nutrition program, Flu Prevention, Healthy practices, etc. The Nurse also provided free blood pressure screenings with a machine that was provided.
  • Domestic Violence Outreach coordinator spoke with the youth and adults in regards to action to take to prevent domestic violence as well as how to escape a violent relationship.
  • Chicot County Juvenile Court workers presented information that is vital to the county’s children’s and parents in regards to behavior, truancy, and excessive absenteeism prevention.

We had approximately 46 guests sign in to this event. That number is huge for a city the size of Dermott. The funds that you awarded to our event were used to purchase:

  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Welcome Treat bags
  • Door Prizes

I have also attached a copy of the receipts that verify the purchases made with the $400 award.

We would like to thank your board for the assistance that was given to us. The program was helped to be made possible by the Rural School Alliance. Thank you for everything in which you provided.

With Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Chrisis Toney, Dermott High School

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