Alabama Conservation Project Pairs Students With Master Builder

Engaging students in outdoor learning is of the utmost importance.

May 14, 2018 |

Wedowee Elementary School students work with a master builder on their outdoor classroom project.

Last year Wedowee (Alabama) Elementary School teacher Tammy Simpson received a $1,000 Grants in Place award for her Wildlife Tracks Station Project. The project featured elementary students working hand in hand with a local master builder to construct an outdoor wildlife tracks station. Students will use the wildlife tracks station to track and record wildlife animals that visit the outdoor classroom.

Simpson's project was one of several Grants in Place projects in Alabama that received funding support. Alabama-based work is a key component of the Rural Schools Collaborative, and it is anchored by our regional Hub partner, The University of West Alabama and the Black Belt Teacher Corps.

Funding support for the 2017-18 Grants in Place projects was provided by Parker Griffith Family Foundation, Jefferson County Alabama Federation of Teachers, University of West Alabama, Black Belt Teachers Corps, Larry Lee, Susan McKim, Sandra Thomastan, and Horace Williams with matching funds from the Rural Schools Collaborative.

We want to thank Tammy Simpson for providing us with an update and photographs of her project.

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