An Update from Eastern Illinois University College of Education- Rural Schools Initiative

July 31, 2020 |

An Update from Eastern Illinois University College of Education- Rural Schools Initiative

Please read below some of the incredible work from our partners at Eastern Illinois University.

As we reach the end of the school year, let's reflect on many of the accomplishments we had through the EIU Grow Your Own/Rural School Initiative!

The Rural Teacher Corps (RTC) was active in hosting events and meetings throughout the year. Traveling to school sites such as Jasper, North Clay, Neoga, Villa Grove as well as joining in the Martinsville Education Fair gave students the insight opportunities within our rural school system. Hopefully, sites that were cancelled last spring due to the COVID-19 can be rescheduled.

The EIU Rural School Networking Night in October, 2019 allowed for future teachers to communicate and build relationships with about 20 rural school district representatives.

The Eastern Illinois University Rural Teacher Corps (EIU RTC) had ten school districts apply to participate in the High School RTC which encourages and supports their high school students choosing to enter into the teaching field. The EIU RTC hopes a kickoff can happen in the fall on EIU's campus.

Community colleges expressed interest in developing RTC groups on their campus' to support candidates who want to move into potential, off-campus cohorts in the future. Additionally, advisors at all campuses would ensure smooth transfer of courses for students interested in teaching.

The EIU RTC is planning for more student opportunities this coming Fall. They hope to continue with site visits, professional learning, and school-based projects. Additionally, they plan to organize another Rural School Networking Night in the Spring.

A focus group with new teachers was hosted to identify supports needed as they move into teaching. Now, a support group has met weekly and will continue over the summer.

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