Arkansas FBLA Students Conduct Job Skills Training

High schoolers share knowledge with younger students.

May 23, 2016 |

Alpena, Arkansas FBLA members present a workshop on job search skills to eighth graders as part of a Grants in Place project.

Vickey Shelton, business teacher at Arkansas' Alpena High School, received a 2015-16 Grants in Place award for her FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) students to prepare for and host an employability skills workshop. Students would focus on resume development and the interview process. We are so pleased that Vickey has reported on her project, and we are honored to share her summary below.


By Vickey Shelton

“Be smart now!” These words of advice were offered by Star Martin, Alpena FBLA President, as she discussed social media while presenting a job search workshop for Alpena eighth graders.

Ms. Martin and other Alpena FBLA members presented workshops to various classes through a grant provided by the Rural Schools Collaborative. Parents and community members were invited and encouraged to attend an evening of job application, career research, resume building, and interview skills review. As the deadline approached, it was obvious that the community outreach workshop would not have enough people in attendance, so the group discussed the issue and decided to present the material to fellow students.

The FBLA student presenters modified their presentations based on the age and need levels of their students. They discussed job applications, including the online application process; social media in the job search and the need for students to realize that their social media footprint will impact their future career and college application endeavors; resume building, and successful interview practices.

Students were given the opportunity to practice completing job applications and creating resumes as well as practicing interview scenarios.

Although the grant opportunity did not happen exactly as planned, the FBLA students used it as an opportunity to help other students learn important skills that they will certainly need in the near future.

The Grants in Place program is a collaborative effort, and Arkansas grants received funding support from that state's Rural Community Alliance. For more information on last year's grants, please visit our Grants in Place Gallery. Below is an example of a powerpoint slide that was part of the Alpena workshop.

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