Class of '27: Stories of Hope, Inspiration, & Resiliency

"Class of '27" explores early education challenges facing rural families. Join the 9/29 online screening of this important film.

September 22, 2016 |

"Class of '27" explores early education challenges facing rural families. Don't miss the 9/29 online screening of this important film.

Join Rural Schools Collaborative and our friends at National Association for the Education of Young Children on September 29 11am PT/2pm ET for an online screening and live chat of CLASS OF ‘27. This documentary premiered as part of the PBS Emmy-nominated series AMERICA REFRAMED, and is an excellent study in strengthening rural education and community.

Class of ’27 is a thought-provoking documentary about how families, educators and leaders in diverse rural communities are working to get their preschool children on track toward high school graduation. These heartfelt stories, previewed in the trailer below, demonstrate how fostering the earliest years of education and development is crucial to success in adulthood.

This powerful film, which will be screened online in it's entirety on September 29 11am PT/2pm ET, focuses on three stories of hope, inspiration, and resiliency:

  • The first portrait, CLASS OF ’27, follows preschoolers in Booneville, Ky and the caring adults working tirelessly to prepare them for better futures, including organizing food to take home on the weekends.
  • The second portrait entitled LITTLE DREAM CATCHERS features White Earth Nation in Minnesota. Preschoolers engage in tribal rituals to prepare for kindergarten with a sense of identity. This segment explores how education is key to breaking the poverty cycle.
  • The third portrait, FIELDS OF PROMISE, follows Mireya's family to Oregon’s Willamette Valley for berry season. Mireya’s parents, who are migrant farm workers, enroll her in Migrant Head Start where bilingual education and play are crucial to success.

These outstanding stories are prime examples of why we do what we do at Rural Schools Collaborative. Please join us and mark your calendars for this screening to celebrate those who overcome considerable odds to bring early education to impoverished rural America.

For more information on promoting school readiness and healthy development of children, visit Parents as Teachers for early childhood education resources.

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