​Galesburg Community Foundation Has a Million Reasons to be Grateful

2015 was a banner year for Illinois' Galesburg Community Foundation!

January 5, 2016 |

GALESBURG, Ill. (Jan. 4, 2016)– For the first time in its 12-year history, the Galesburg Community Foundation (GCF) has achieved two milestones in a single year— $1 million in grants distributed to area nonprofits and $1 million in donor contributions received. To celebrate this important milestone community supporters from Knox and Warren counties are invited to a celebration on Thursday, January 7, from 4:30- 5:30 pm at Iron Spike Brewpub in Galesburg.

Joshua Gibb, executive director of GCF said, “This is an incredible accomplishment for our community and it is just the beginning. We are very grateful that for the last few years we have received more than a $1 million each year in contributions. This is the first year though that we were able to grant $1 million in a year. To achieve both-- $1 million in contributions and $1 million in grants is significant and should be celebrated. Our communities are experiencing philanthropy in action thanks to great generosity.”

In total, over the last five-years GCF has distributed more than $4 million to nonprofits and received more than $7 million in contributions.

During 2015, GCF initiated new grant programs to complement their annual competitive grant cycle, which funds programs in the areas of art, health and education. In addition to the competitive grant program, GCF offered a Nonprofit Endowment Match Program, working with 20 nonprofits serving Knox and Warren Counties helping them each build $20,000 endowments to forever sustain their missions. Also in 2015, GCF provided local nonprofits the opportunity to apply for Capacity Grants to aid technology, endowment/strategy building and training needs.

The Foundation also worked with the Knoxville Community to launch its first Community Fund. Participating communities are challenged to raise $25,000, and then receive $25,000 in match dollars from GCF to establish an endowment fund that forever sustains activities that allow Knoxville to meet challenges of today and tomorrow.

The $1 million dollars in grants was achieved through a variety of means. In addition to programs sponsored by GCF such as competitive grants, nonprofit endowment matches and community funds, local donors also greatly contributed personally. Local individuals and families established Donor Advised Funds at GCF allowing them to direct gifts to causes they are passionate about. Today, more community members recognize the value of Donor Advised funds and how simple they make giving.

Community members may have experienced the impact of these grant dollars when they visit FISH Food Pantry, see a Choral Dynamics show, receive services at the Knox County Health Department or enjoy an afternoon at Full Viewpoint Park. These are just a few examples of GCF grant dollars at work.

In addition to the $1 million granted, GCF reached another milestone of receiving more than $1 million in contributions for the year. This $1 million is in thanks to generous community members who continually think about their communities and how to make them healthier. Gibb said, “Many more members of our communities are understanding what a unique and valuable gift they have in the Community Foundation. Not all communities are as fortunate as ours to have the resources of a Community Foundation. And even more important, more of our community members are recognizing how they can work with GCF to make an impact right here at home. This $1 million in gifts received this year is the beginning of a spectacular trend that will continue upward. This is exciting and we know there are many more community members who we have yet to connect with. Our communities are seeing all of the great possibilities that exist thanks to philanthropy.”

Contributions made to GCF benefit a variety of funds established there. GCF works to build endowment that benefits Knox and Warren Counties. Endowment funds are investment vehicles that allow communities to be prepared for current needs and upcoming opportunities.

To learn more about how to connect with causes you care about and to make a gift contact Joshua Gibb at the Galesburg Community Foundation at 309-344-889.

About the Galesburg Community Foundation

The Galesburg Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization developing resources to equip and empower Knox and Warren Counties. Galesburg Community Foundation helps community members connect with causes they care about through philanthropy. GCF works everyday to strengthen local philanthropy to support a healthy community. For more about GCF visit www.ahealthycommunity.org, 309-344-8898 or 246 East Main Street, Suite #101, Galesburg.

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