K-12 Diversity Concert Available on YouTube!

We are pleased to present the full-length video of Wolsey-Wessington's K-12 Diversity Concert, celebrating diversity in South Dakota!

January 12, 2016 |

Tammy Luce, Wolsey-Wessington music teacher, is recognized by Rural Schools Collaborative director, Gary Funk (left) and board member, Jim Beddow (right) during a September Grants in Place recognition event.

One of the key elements of place-based education is a learning activity that has a public outcome. Tammy Luce, Wolsey-Wessington (S.D.) K-6 music teacher, made this an integral part of her Grants in Place project, which was awarded to her in support a multi-grade effort where the school's music students learned about the varied and diverse cultures of South Dakota. The project culminated with an October 19th concert, which showcased the students' learning experiences. Every student in the district--kindergarten through senior year in high school--was involved in this most ambitious effort.

The concert was performed to a full house and broadcast over the local cable television channel, so it could be viewed by shut-ins and other folks unable to attend.

We want to thank Tammy and the Wolsey-Wessington school district for making this video available. To learn more about Tammy check out an earlier story on her grant award.

†Dr. Jim Beddow, longtime RSC advocate, board member and chair emeritus, and passed away on June 25, 2023. Read more about his legacy.

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