Lisbon Public Schools Place-Based Education Grant winner for 2019-2020 – Stories of Lisbon: An Oral History Project at Parkside Nursing Home

June 27, 2019 |

Last year's fourth graders and their helpers as they made Christmas gifts for their Parkside Buddies, Lisbon, North Dakota

"We are proud to announce the Lisbon Public Schools Place-Based Education grant winner for 2019-2020 as Mrs. Emma Waloch’s project, Stories of Lisbon: An Oral History Project at Parkside Nursing Home. Emma and her fourth grade students will be collaborating with the residents of Parkside Nursing Home to create an oral history project of Lisbon in the form of a dramatic play. The purpose of this special grant program was started for teachers who develop innovative classroom projects for their students, which utilizes place-based principles addressing a community issue and engages students in making the Lisbon community a better place. Congratulations Emma Waloch and her students!" -- Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Superintendent, Lisbon Public Schools, Lisbon, North Dakota.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, fourth graders in Mrs. Waloch’s Lisbon, North Dakota's class will take part in a place-based education project collaborating with the residents of Parkside Nursing Home. For the past two years, students in this class have gone to Parkside to interview residents and conduct an oral history project. However, this project became something special when friendships with residents were formed. Instead of a one-time meeting, Mrs. Waloch’s class created “Parkside Buddies.” This year, the students get to take this project several steps further thanks to Dr. Steven & Linda Johnson and their LPS Place-Based Education Grant.

There is a great amount of research that shows the benefit of theatre in schools." said Dr. Johnson. "The Arts Education Policy Review states, 'Drama instruction integrated into classrooms improves students’ social-emotional development and contributes to a positive classroom culture.'” Therefore, students will take their oral history project and write a script for a play. This will be a student-led project with students breaking up into groups (casting, writing, editing, sound, props, and costumes). The result will be a dramatic play, sharing the stories of many long-time Lisbon residents. It will be performed for the community and, of course, special guests, the Parkside residents and their families.

Dr. Johnson and the Lisbon Public Schools have been active participants with our North Dakota Hub. Steven is also an RSC Advocate.

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