Meet Leif Saveraid, RSC's New Sustainability Policy Intern

Leif embodies our organizational commitment to help create sustainable rural school communities!

February 18, 2021 |

Hi! My name is Leif Saveraid. I am a junior Environmental Studies Major at Luther College. I’m from St. Paul, Minnesota but am currently residing in Washington D.C. as part of the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS). My passion for nature was sparked by spending time on my grandma’s ranch in Iowa and a family trip to

Leif Saveraid, Sustainability Policy Intern, Washington, D.C.

Point Reyes, California. I am particularly interested in helping communities reduce carbon dioxide emissions and creating a sustainable agricultural system. After college I plan to pursue a career in environmental consulting.

LCWS is a program for students to live and take classes and internships in Washington D.C. It’s open to all majors, although it is particularly focused on public policy and politics. The ability to intern during LCWS is a unique opportunity, with participants finding internships in the government, NGO, and private sectors.

As the Rural Schools Collaborative’s Sustainability Policy Intern, I will prepare a weekly Friday feature that highlights a public policy, group advocacy, or other relevant subject that impacts rural communities with regard to their sustainability or the environment. Possible topics include the Biden administration's plan for education, nitrate contamination of rural drinking water, the impact of climate change on rural communities, and more. I am extremely excited to contribute to Rural Schools Collaborative’s mission of sustainable rural communities.

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