NREA Members Are Encouraged to Explore T-Mobile's Digital Access Program for Students and Families

T-Mobile is allowing National Rural Education Association members to reserve spots first Project 10Million.

August 7, 2020 |


There are 35 million households in this country with children, and of those, about 15% have no home internet. At the same time, seven in ten teachers assign online homework. Where education should be a leveler, students without connectivity are at a disadvantage when they’re unable to complete assignments or even simply communicate with teachers and peers. Studies show that those students without home internet access have a consistent pattern of lower scores in reading, math and science. This is the homework gap — and it’s just not right.

The New T-Mobile’s Project 10Million aims to eradicate the U.S. homework gap through an unprecedented $10 billion commitment that will deliver free internet access over the next five years and another $700 million commitment in hardware to 10 million households. Eligible families in the U.S. and Puerto Rico will receive up to 100GB of FREE internet access each year, one FREE Mobile Wi-Fi enabled hotspot and the option to purchase select Wi-Fi enabled devices at the company’s cost. And like all New T-Mobile customers, Project 10Million recipients will benefit from the New T-Mobile’s expanded 5G capabilities.

NREA members are encouraged to explore this opportunity. Please contact NREA if you have questions.

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