#RuralBroadband Twitter Campaign

Join us in advocating for equitable broadband access

July 25, 2022 |

About the Project

Over 1 in 5 of the nation's smallest schools lacked access to high-speed broadband in 2021 according to the FCC. This inequity was underscored throughout the COVID-19 pandemic where virtual learning may have been challenging or impossible.


As a broadband advocate, sharing your voice, school stories, and your expertise will raise awareness and inspire others to get involved in rural broadband advocacy. As part of the Rural Imperative Initiative, you're invited to join RSC and the National Rural Education Association for a two-week rural broadband advocacy campaign, beginning August 1st.

Using the Toolkit

Throughout the document, there will be live links to tweet out images and information regarding rural access to high-speed broadband. Join in on the campaign to raise awareness (August 1-14).

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Join us to spread awareness and advocate for better broadband access

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Spread the Word

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NREA/RSC/NTCA Broadband Roundtable

Representatives from five states, the NREA, RSC, and the NTCA met to discuss rural broadband issues.

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