Sustainability Saturday: Feeding Students During Covid Times in Vermont

November 6, 2020 |

Lamoille North School District Local Food During COVID
Hyde Park, Vermont

Pop: 462

When the COVID pandemic hit and schools closed across the country, many districts were left scrambling to figure out how to keep their students fed and nourished in difficult times. The Lamoille North School District relied upon their existing farm to school partnerships to ensure that up to 850 students who needed daily meals were able to receive them. Bypassing nationwide shortages of produce, the district worked directly with local farmers to use what they were already growing and plan ahead for the rest of the year. The district strives to make as many of their meals from scratch using local ingredients as possible and that has continued through the pandemic. The district has also been able to distribute excess local produce to families, helping supplement families’ grocery bills amidst the continuing economic uncertainty.

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