Teton Science Schools Offer Virtual Teacher Workshops on Place-Based Education

June 2, 2020 |

Our partners at Teton Science Schools, RSC's Northern Rockies Hub anchor, are offering two excellent virtual courses on place-based education. We encourage you to check them out!

Introduction to Place-Based Education

In this seven-week virtual course, participants will explore the theory and application of Place-Based Education. They will gain practical skills and tools to engage with their local

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community, guide students through inquiry and design processes, and build learner-centered, interdisciplinary experiences. The course will be split into three sections. Learn more about this course

Place-Based Education Deep Dive: Virtual Book Study

In this virtual workshop, teacher participants will have the opportunity to go deeper into topics of place-based education through a book study. Teacher participants will choose one of the two books to focus on for the course:

  • Place-Based Education: The Power of Place: Authentic learning through place-based education by Tom Vander Ark, Emily Liebtag, and Nate McClennen
  • Project-Based Learning: Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning by by John Larmer, John Mergendoller, Suzie Boss

The course will include weekly readings, reflection posting, and responses to others

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reflections. Then there will be a virtual group meeting to discuss key elements, learnings, and applications in further detail. Each virtual session will also give participants a chance to explore a key idea from the reading in further detail. Virtual sessions will be held on Zoom on the following dates: July 9, July 16, July 23, and July 30. Learn more about this opportunity.

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