The 2023 Rural Teacher Corps Forum

A space for rural teacher preparation groups to share ideas and advance the work together!

April 4, 2023 |
RSC logo, "2023 Rural Teacher Corps Forum," photo collage

Rural Schools Collaborative is committed to strengthening the rural teacher pipeline, and achieves this goal by supporting programs across the country directly addressing the need for educators in rural spaces. Central to our advocacy work is providing a stage on which these programs can come together to further the progress of this entire community of good work.

This stage is once again set, and Rural Schools Collaborative invites you to join us and a national network of teacher preparation partners for the 2023 Rural Teacher Corps Forum on Friday, April 21 from 11am - 12:30pm CDT. The Forum seeks to build community among preparation efforts, grow the movement for rural instruction, and celebrate progress already made!

This year's Forum will feature a panel of three distinct preparation efforts sharing about their work and questions surrounding program sustainability:

There will be ample time for Q&A and open discussion, so come ready with plenty of thoughts and insights to share!

To learn more about these programs and others like it around the country actively attracting, training, and placing visionary rural educators, please visit our Rural Teacher Corps page.

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The event is Friday, April 21 from 11am - 12:30pm CDT.

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