Adreanna Flint, Cuba, New York: 2020-2022 YEAC Alum

November 11, 2020 |

Adreanna Flint
Cuba-Rushford Central School in Cuba, NY

I just wrapped up my first year of teaching in a rural school. In high school I also attended a small rural school and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I have learned so much this year and realized how differently things are done in rural schools compared to schools that are in the city. One of my student teaching placements was a city school and it is very different from my experience teaching at Cuba-Rushford.

I’m serving on the YEA Council because after a year of teaching I want to advocate for other school districts like mine. I want to know how other districts similar to ours are working on these issues and collaborate with teachers like myself. I enjoy working with other people to share my ideas and learn from others what they are doing to help rural schools.

The Young Educators' Advisory Council is an initiative for early career rural teachers. These young educators will serve RSC as advisors to strengthen our mission in the recruitment, preparation, and retention of rural teachers. YEA council members will serve for two years engaging in online conversations.

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