Annah Rogers, GRAD Partnership Black Belt Regional Hub Coordinator, Calera, AL

July 7, 2022 |

Annah Rogers joined Rural Schools Collaborative GRAD Partnership team as the Black Belt Regional Hub Coordinator for the GRAD Project in July of 2022. As a native of Eutaw, AL, the “Gateway to the Black Belt,” she is excited to return to her roots and work with schools in the Black Belt Region.

Annah is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama, where she obtained her PhD in Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy and Administration. Her dissertation focused on the effects of private school choice on school segregation in Alabama.

In addition to completing her dissertation and graduating this year, Annah also worked as the Facilitator of Alabama’s Rural Teacher Caucus, which was part of RSC’s Policy Playbook Project.

Annah firmly believes that all students have a right to a high-quality, equitable educational experience. Equity is the theme that ties together her research, which has been published in The Peabody Journal of Education, Rural Sociology, and PLOS One. She hopes to continue to be an advocate for equity in Alabama schools through her work with RSC and the University of West Alabama.

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