Craig T. Vivian, Monmouth, IL, RSC Advocate

Craig T. Vivian, Professor and Department Chair, Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois

September 9, 2018 |

Craig Vivian coordinates the Rural Schools Collaborative's partnership with Monmouth College.

Academic Biography:

"I started on my first career path as a carpenter. Out of high school, I apprenticed with a master carpenter for 4 years, learning all aspects of building a house-from the concrete foundation to the interior trim. Deciding, at the age of 22, that we could do something good for the world, my wife and I joined the Peace Corps. We spent the next 13 years living and traveling in many places around the world. I have lived and worked in Kiribati, the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Switzerland and France. In each place we ended up, I would naturally gravitate toward teaching informally in a local school, usually tutoring children or working with adult learners. When we decided to settle back in the states, it seemed natural for me to pursue teaching formally."

Research Interests:
Student conceptualizations of learning over time

The process of becoming a "student"

The institutionalization of education

Metaphors of learning

The role of distraction in learning

Using boardgames as educational tools

Selected Research and/or Creative Work:
I am an Apiarist and Ludophile

Courses Taught:
TEDP351 Adolescent Psychology
TEDP300 Theories of Learning
TEDP215 Multicultural Studies

B.A Cornell University 1989
Ph.D. Cornell University 2000

Contact Info:
Office: Rm 315B Wallace Hall

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