Dakota Crowder

Dakota Crowder, Eastern Illinois University, student participant at the EIU Rural Teacher Corps shares her story, Charleston, Illinois

January 1, 2019 |

My name is Dakota Crowder and I am a junior at Eastern Illinois University. Being from a rural area, Charleston IL, I couldn’t imagine teaching in any other type of community. I believe that when you teach in a rural community, you lead in the community as well. There’s not a teacher I don’t remember nor did I have a teacher that didn’t show up for me outside of the classroom. Rural communities are notorious for relationships and in an educational setting, I believe this creates a safe atmosphere and promotes success.

Being an educator in a rural school, my students will know who I am, and I will know who they are, ensuring I can accommodate for every student and provide a quality education for all. Beyond the classroom, teaching in a rural area allows educators to be actively involved in student activities and the community. Rural schools have so much to offer educators, students, their communities, and even the world. I can’t wait to teach in a rural school and see my “small” class make a big difference in the world.

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