Emilee Rains

Emilee Rains, Western Illinois University, student participant at the Great River Teacher Corps shares her story, Macomb, Illinois

November 11, 2018 |

My hometown is East Moline, Illinois located within the Quad Cities. East Moline has an approximate population of 21,000 people. There are four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The high school combines students from East Moline, Silvis, Colona, Carbon Cliff and Hampton. It is surrounded by similar sized cities such as Moline and Rock Island.

Because East Moline is so close to Moline and Rock Island I feel like the community is somewhat divided between supporting the schools. Unlike a more rural town like Orion whose community support is directed towards their schools.

I want to teach in a small school/town because of the close relationships I will be able to form with my community, students and parents. It is important to me to form these tight-knit relationships because I believe academic success starts at home with the parents and students valuing education. Place-based learning is also a great, interactive approach to teaching students about the community around them.

I would like to teach either first or second grade because I want to develop a strong work ethic in my students that values and wants to continue their education.

I am most excited about seeing the “ah-ha” moment happen on my students faces when something finally clicks in their brains. I am also excited about the growth I will be able to see in my students along with the growth that I achieve throughout my teaching career.
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