Nick Foertsch, Milnor, North Dakota- Young Educator's Advisory Council

November 11, 2020 |

Nick Foertsch, Social Studies teacher
Milnor Public School in Milnor, North Dakota

As a young educator in the state of North Dakota, I feel like I have a unique perspective when it comes to sharing my experiences on rural communities. Growing up and teaching in different rural communities has allowed me to learn from great individuals, and I would love to help others throughout the country embrace teaching in rural areas, and hopefully help encourage others the same way. The opportunities that have been presented to me in Milnor have been amazing, and that is entirely due to the rural atmosphere.

The Young Educators' Advisory Council is an initiative for early career rural teachers. These young educators will serve RSC as advisors to strengthen our mission in the recruitment, preparation, and retention of rural teachers. YEA council members will serve for two years engaging in online conversations.

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