Renee Carr, Fox, AR, Founding Board Member 2014-18, Chair Emeritus

RSC Founding board member and Chair Emeritus, Fox, Arkansas.

April 4, 2015 |

Renee Carr is a former board member and board Chair for the Rural Schools Collaborative. Renee recently retired as the chief financial officer for the Rural Community Alliance (AR), a role she held for several years after a highly successful seven-year run as the organization's executive director. The Rural Community Alliance began in 2003 as a grass-roots movement called Save Our Schools, which was formed by rural educators, students, and community members to resist a massive school consolidation plan that would have eliminated every Arkansas school district with fewer than 1,500 students. The movement held local, regional, and statewide rallies and led a grass-roots campaign to stop school consolidation and refocus attention on quality of education and an equitable school funding formula. Through the efforts of Save Our Schools and coalition partners, the proposed minimum enrollment number was reduced to 350, saving about 175 small rural schools.

Today, the Rural Community Alliance has more than 1,500 members from 57 small Arkansas communities. Carr handles finances, scheduling, strategic planning, member relations, and day-to-day operations for the Rural Community Alliance.

Carr is a CPA with a Master’s Degree in Community and Economic Development. She volunteers in her community, particularly in local history preservation and championing rural schools. She and her family make their home in Fox, Arkansas.

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