Savannah Franklund, Development & Operations Manager, Monmouth, IL

July 7, 2021 |
Headshot of Savannah Franklund, Development and Operations Manager

Savannah is a graduate from Monmouth College where she earned her degree in Communication Studies. During her time at Monmouth College, Savannah deepened her love for small town living and getting involved on and off campus.

Growing up in Colorado, Savannah developed a passion for horseback riding and outdoor activities. Along with riding horses her whole life, Savannah worked at an ABA Autism Clinic for children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in her late high school career. She was able to continue her work for the ID/D community in Monmouth while working with Warren Achievement Center.

Savannah has a strong desire to advocate for underserved individuals. She believes in forming inclusive communities and growing those powerful relationships. Savannah is inspired by RSC’s mission and is looking forward to supporting the organization.

When not in the office, you can usually find Savannah working in her garden or experimenting with interior design in her home. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors with her two dogs.

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