New England

The Rural Educational Leaders Network and Plymouth State University anchor our New England Hub.

The Rural Educational Leaders Network (RELN) at Plymouth State University (PSU) work collaboratively to bolster support for rural education in New Hampshire, and throughout the larger New England region consisting of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine.

Through access to a broader pool of experts in the field of rural education and the national networking provided through this partnership with RSC, RELN will be able to better support members in implementing what they have learned from the network within their schools.

Additionally, RELN will be able to work toward expanding its membership and programming into the rural areas of neighboring states.

An Exemplary Grants in Place Project

New Hampshire's Baker River Project

How do you create passionate advocates who contribute to their community? Get em’ out there, knee-deep immersed in purposeful hands-on study.

Our school may be small, but it is mighty! Wentworth Elementary is located within 1500 ft of the Baker River. This river provides much more for our community than just its presence; it intertwines our families, our school, and our economy.

With the help of the Rural Schools Collaborative grant and multiple community partners, Wentworth Elementary School students were able to become citizen scientists. WES teachers, Chris Misavage and Amber Comtois, designed the middle school Baker River Study to help students become stewards of the river and to challenge them to make a difference in their community. Judy Tumosa, NH Fish and Game Watershed Education Specialist, provided needed guidance, resources, and professional support.

The middle schoolers recorded general site information, requiring them to sketch the river, make observations of the riparian zone, and identify any possible geographical indicators (trees, fences, lawns, bridges).

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