North Dakota

Our Hub partners, North Dakota Small Organized Schools, work for all of the rural schools in The Peace Garden State

Our North Dakota Hub is anchored by the North Dakota Small Organized Schools (NDSOS). Under the leadership of executive director Michael Heilman, NDSOS represents all rural North Dakota schools, and they work tirelessly to promote rural education in the Peace Garden State.

As a membership organization, North Dakota Small Organized Schools serves as an "effective voice for public education while emphasizing local control." In addition, NDSOS is committed to the development of thoughtful partnerships that provide benefits to its member schools and communities.

The work of our North Dakota Hub will focus on strengthening the bonds between school and community, rural teacher recruitment and placement, place-based education, social marketing and school-centered philanthropy.


A New Rural Teacher Corps Effort

Valley City State University Announces Rural School Partner Benefit Program

Valley City State University has announced a new program that has the potential to strengthen North Dakota rural school communities and address the rapidly growing rural teacher corps shortage.

We invite to learn more about this good project! Thanks to Dr. James Boe of Valley City State University for his good work and cooperation.

This story was done in cooperation with the North Dakota Small Organized Schools, our North Dakota Hub anchor. Special thanks to ElRoy Burkle, executive director of NDSOS, and Steven Johnson, an RSC Advocate and superintendent in Lisbon, North Dakota.

The Rural School Partner Benefit Program