North Dakota

Our North Dakota Hub is anchored by the North Dakota Small Organized Schools (NDSOS), an affiliate of the National Rural Education Association.

Our Hub partners, North Dakota Small Organized Schools (NDSOS), represent all rural North Dakota schools, and they work to promote rural education in the Peace Garden State. Michael Heilman, executive director of NDSOS, serves as the hub contact for North Dakota.

As a membership organization, North Dakota Small Organized Schools serves as an "effective voice for public education while emphasizing local control." North Dakota Small and Organized Schools is committed to the development of thoughtful partnerships that provide benefits to its member schools and communities.

The work of our North Dakota Hub focuses on strengthening the bonds between school and community, rural teacher recruitment and placement, place-based education, social marketing and school-centered philanthropy. Additionally, Bismarck-based teacher preparation leader University of Mary was a recipient of the 2022 Catalyst Initiative Grant. To hear more about our partners in North Dakota, continue below.

Building Connections and Community

Young educators share their passion for cultivating genuine relationships with their students

As part of the I Am A Rural Teacher Podcast, we visited with Emma Rage and Nick Foertsch, who are both members of the Young Educators Advisory Council.

In addition to sharing their stories about being young educators in two different rural districts in Milnor and Kensel, North Dakota, Nick and Emma delve into the importance of relationship-building and community engagement for their work as teachers.

Emma and Nick are both enthusiastic about their careers. Building relationships, involving the community in the education process, and collaborating with other young educators from around the country has allowed them to reflect on what it means to be a teacher in a rural area.

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