Easy As Pie

The Grants in Place application process is simple, but the deadline is Tuesday, March 15!

March 14, 2016 |

Applying for our Grants in Place program is a simple process. Just ask Grandma! <\/p>"

One teacher. One school. One community. Small victories. These words describe our approach to building a powerful network of teachers, advocates, and organizations who recognize the importance of strengthening the bonds between school and community. Our Grants in Place program epitomizes this effort.

The inaugural Grants in Place program made modest grants to 35 teachers from 7 states. These innovative educators facilitated student-led projects in everything from stream testing to honoring war veterans to a local literature festival. A focus on place-based learning was the common thread for all of the grant projects, and we are looking forward to another round of good work.

Applying for a Grants in Place grants is really quite simple. All a teacher needs to do is follow a simple outline and submit a concept letter using 250 words or less. That's it. However, the deadline is Tuesday, March 15--so apply now!

Read here to learn more, and we encourage you to check out the complete gallery of 2015 Grants in Place projects.

If you have questions on the program, submit questions to info@ruralschoolscollaborative.org or call RSC director, Gary Funk, at 417-848-9083. GO HERE FOR APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS.

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