The Place Network: A New Video from Teton Science Schools

A national focus on place-based learning!

October 3, 2019 |

We’re excited to share a new video from our partners at Teton Science Schools. This video highlights the importance of place-based learning for students, making the case that students learn better when they are connected with their “immediate physical and cultural environments”.

The video gives an overview of the Place Network Schools program, an initiative launched by Teton Science Schools in 2016. Since then, twelve rural schools have joined the Place Network, including nine schools from our Regional Hub partners. Through the Place Network, Teton Science offers professional development with participating schools through virtual workshops, sample curriculum, on-site school visits, and other benefits.

We are proud to partner with Teton Science Schools, our Northern Rockies Hubanchor, on this initiative. We believe that place-based education builds community capacity for long-term sustainability, innovation, and revitalization of rural places. With this work, we hope to sustain a thriving network of schools collaborating on thoughtful place-based work throughout the country.

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