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You make a difference in your community as a volunteer, advocate, or donor. In many ways, the Rural Schools Collaborative is a virtual community, and our success will depend on your willingness to get involved. Please add your voice, your heart, and your resources to our movement.

Priority Giving

Rural Schools Collaborative's 2017-2020 Capitalization Campaign

The Rural Schools Collaborative board of directors approved an action plan for 2016-17 that included a modest three-year capitalization campaign, which bolsters the development of our new organization. We invite you to learn more about the goals of this board-driven campaign, and we encourage you to participate in the effort. All levels of donations will have a real impact on our work on behalf of rural schools and their communities.


The Rural Schools Collaborative is a tax-deductible 501-c-3 organization dedicated to strengthening the bonds between rural schools and communities through the promotion of rural philanthropy, place-based engagement and teacher-leadership development. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, and each gift, regardless of size, represents a vote of confidence for our important work.

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