Support for Teachers

Our Grants in Place program provides funding support for innovative rural teachers

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Rural Teacher Corps

We believe rural teacher-leaders can be catalysts for community change.

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Get Involved

Strengthening rural America through place-based engagement, rural philanthropy, and teacher-leader development.

NEWS: Add Your Voice in Support of Rural Schools: Strategic Partnership addresses the teacher shortage in the Ozarks.

EVENTS: Eastern Illinois University Small & Rural School Informal Networking Night, Wednesday, February 20th. The 2019 OSRC Annual Conference, Lewis Center, Ohio, March 8, 2019. Learn more about this statewide event of the Ohio Small Rural Collaborative. The Rural Schools Partnership School Foundation Seminar, West Plains, MO, April 4th. Ozarks Teacher Corps/Teton Science Schools Workshop, West Plains, MO, April 5.

Capacity Building
Technical Assistance