Board Of Directors

Governance and Leadership

Our volunteer directors are deeply committed to the organization. RSC's genesis was a June 2014 meeting in St. Louis, where future board members discussed the need for a rural education organization that "thinks otherwise."

Nate McClennen, Jackson, WY, RSC Board Member, Board Chair

Brian Fogle, Springfield, MO, RSC Board Member

Melissa Harris, Rural Ecosystems Partner, Transcend Education, RSC Board Member, Atlanta, GA

Mike Knutson, Watertown, SD, RSC Board Member

Tammy La Prad, Illinois Regional Hub Contact & RSC Board Member, Monmouth, IL

Jan Miller, Alabama Hub Contact, Livingston, AL, RSC Board Member

Susan Schroth, Northern California Regional Hub Contact, GRAD Partnership Lead & RSC Board Member, Redding, CA

Nancy Van Milligen, President & CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Iowa, RSC Board Member

Taylor McCabe-Juhnke, RSC Executive Director, Ex-Officio board member, Galesburg, IL

Michael R. Robinson, Island Heights, NJ, RSC Board Member 2020-23

Joshua D. Gibb, Galesburg, IL Hub Contact, Founding Board Member 2014-22, Chair Emeritus

Jim Beddow†, Ph.D. Sioux Falls, SD, RSC Board Member 2016-22, Chair Emeritus

Carol Silvey, West Plains, MO, Founding Board Member 2014-22, Chair Emeritus

David Ardrey, Murphysboro, IL, Founding Board Member 2014-19, Chair Emeritus

Renee Carr, Fox, AR, Founding Board Member 2014-18, Chair Emeritus

Andrea E. Evans, Ph.D., Chicago, IL, Founding Board Member, 2014-16

Gary Funk, Philadelphia, PA, Volunteer Strategic Advisor, Founding Board Member 2014-21, Chair Emeritus

Lavina Grandon, Valley Springs, AR, Founding Board Member, 2014-17

Larry Lee, Montgomery, AL, RSC Board Member, 2016-21

Julie Leeth, Springfield, MO, Founding Board Member, 2014-21