Grants in Place Update: Audubon, Minnesota

Lake Park Audubon Elementary School students in Minnesota explore their heritage through art and research!

October 28, 2018 |

A visiting artist works with an Audubon, Minnesota student on her artwork.

Kathrina O'Connell's "The ABC's of John James Audubon: Art, Birding, and Conservation" received $1,000 in Grants in Place funding to support a cross-curricular, place-based project, which will focus on the artwork, birding, and conservation efforts of John James Audubon, and explore his influence on the little town of Audubon, Minnesota. It is important for the students to learn about John James Audubon, their community, and the wildlife surrounding them at Lake Park Audubon Elementary.

Thanks to West Central Initiative, a regional community foundation based out of Fergus Falls, MN, for supporting our Minnesota Grants in Place program.

We are pleased to provide the following update from Ms. O'Connell:

"Our project is in full swing! My students spent time researching John James Audubon and then created their own project to demonstrate knowledge mastery. Some wrote a report or quiz, while others created games and posters. One group even wrote and performed a song!

The last two weeks we have been studying the artwork of John James Audubon. Guest artists from the local art club have been giving drawing and watercolor lessons. Last Friday, the students were able to try painting their birds, and they were so excited! Next week will be our final art lesson, using colored pencils to add the birds' details. The artwork will be displayed using the special cardboard stands and the neat artist frames (that they get to keep).

Next week the students will also begin their Audubon presentations to other grades/classes. Students will read the picture books and provide additional content knowledge that they learned from their research. The goal is for them to teach others the history of our town and the reason behind the street names (Hawk Street, etc.).

I am forwarding some of the pictures from the project so far.

Thank you for checking in, I very much appreciate it! I am also grateful for the opportunity to provide my students with this special place-based project."

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