Grants in Place Update: Mountaineer Tiny Home in Meadows Valley, Idaho

March 11, 2019 |

Meadows Valley School students and community members are pictured with their Mountaineer Tiny Home construction project. (Photo courtesy of Devon Barker-Hicks)

Devon Barker-Hicks’ “Tiny Home Project” at Meadows Valley School received a $1,000 Grants in Place award in support a project that features eighth graders working with the high school shop class to build an 8 x 24 foot tiny home. During this place-based project, students will study housing in their region and around the world. Students will also be studying green living, grant writing, the trades, construction, and re-purposing. The students will sell the tiny home in a silent bid. The proceeds will go towards projects they choose to support in their Meadows Valley community.

This Grants in Place award was made in collaboration with our Northern Rockies Hub, Teton Science Schools, and the Place Schools Network, of which Meadows Valley School is a member.

We are pleased to provide the following project update from Ms. Barker-Hicks:

“The last month we have been building, giving tours to the elementary classes, writing about our process of our #PayitForward project, and reading articles about building practices. Jacob and Damion have been working with Idaho Custom Designs on our very own MTH t-shirts. Jacob's artwork was digitized for the shirts. You can support our project by purchasing a shirt or sweatshirt at:

Huge thanks to all the community members, 12th graders working on their community service hours for Senior Projects, and students who joined us for our Community Build Day on Saturday!

There is still time to support our project with a tax-deductible donation.
Contributions can be mailed to Drawer F. New Meadows, ID 83654. Please note “Mountaineer Tiny Home” on your donation. We will be selling our tiny home to help City of New Meadows purchase ADA accessible playground equipment, the project that we selected to support.

Help us build the ripple! Watch for the auction to be live May 1st if you would like to own this amazing home!"

We encourage you to read an earlier update on Mountaineer Tiny Home.

Thanks again to Teton Science Schools for supporting our Northern Rockies Grants in Place.

We invite you to learn more about our 2018-19 Grants in Place program! Also, we encourage you to check out our web section on the value of place-based education.

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