Northern California Partners Awarded $18.13 Million to Foster Community Vitality

North State Together and Shasta College will grow their K-16 Education Collaborative program to build cradle-to-career pathways across the entire North State region.

May 31, 2022 |

Rural Schools Collaborative is thrilled to reshare this incredible news from North State Together (NST), our regional hub partners in Northern California. North State Together is a regional collaborative of communities, schools, higher education, and other engaged partners creating locally-responsive, cradle-to-career pathways. Congratulations to NST on this opportunity to further strengthen rural community vitality through partnerships and education!

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On Wednesday, May 25th, North State Together announced that, in partnership with Shasta College, their application to the Regional K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant Program to expand on their own K-16 Education Collaborative program was approved for $18.13 Million. With an intentional focus on educational access, place-based solutions, and cross-sector partnerships, NST has continued to spark innovative, localized approaches to cultivate engaged and empowered talent since 2016. On a recent trip to visit NST, RSC Executive Director Taylor McCabe-Juhnke commented that “North State Together and their partners understand that educational success has a direct impact on the regions’ health and economic outcomes. This collaborative work is accelerated when cross-sector community leaders are at the same table, working toward the same goals,” and this latest award underscores the impact of the collaborative’s good work.

North State Together Collaborative Collective

This award will enable NST to double their partnership capacity to encompass the entire North State region and grow their successful model of intentional collaboration. In a press release, NST shared that this work with new and existing partners will “create occupational pathways that include accelerated degree/credential programs and work-based learning opportunities in healthcare and education.” In particular, partners will come together to “support college preparation and early credits, retain students through inclusive supports, implement high-tech, high-touch advising, and cultivate inclusive, engaging, and equity-oriented learning environments in education systems across the North State region.”

Unified by a shared pursuit of “a rural approach to student, family, and community success,” the collaborative “strives to improve the economic and personal lives of community members that live and work in rural Northern California. Together, we are building inclusive, supportive pathways that are responsive to local needs and retain the talent in our region by sharing resources, centering equitable strategies, promoting sustainability, and building lasting partnerships across sectors and geography.”

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