Raising Rural: Join Us at the 2022 National Forum to Advance Rural Education!

A Fair Chance for a Good Life

February 18, 2022 |

National Forum to Advance Rural Education, October 20-21, 2022, Green Bay, WI

Over the past two years rural schools, educators, and communities have risen to the challenge of supporting our students and each other during the pandemic - often times, thinking outside of the box to leverage new ideas, utilize existing strengths, share services, and protect everyone’s health and safety. This year’s event theme will build upon last year’s theme, Raising Rural: A Fair Chance for a Good Life, which will explore creative and cooperative action around three strands: community, agency, and creativity.

“This event was the best conference I have attended as a rural school administrator. The people at this conference speak the same language, share the same struggles, and strive to solve similar problems.”

Hosted by the National Rural Education Association (NREA) and the Rural Schools Collaborative, in partnership with the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance, the 2022 National Forum to Advance Rural Education will be hybrid. This means they will host an in-person event, and provide the option to attend virtually.

Like always, the event is designed to create an environment for collaboration and innovation with a diverse community that includes national experts, K–12 and higher education practitioners, leading researchers, policymakers, and philanthropic leaders. Just as attendees have two ways to participate in this year’s event, presenters will also have the option to present in-person or virtually. If you have powerful examples of innovative rural leadership, practice, research, or policy to share, join us in Green Bay!

Learn more on the NREA website.

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