RSC's 2020 Action Plan Focuses on Regional Hub Articulation

January 24, 2020 |

The Rural Schools Collaborative's Board of Directors has approved a 2020 Annual Action Plan that will drive the organization's work in the months ahead. Put together during an early November visioning session at Monmouth College in Illinois, the plan was approved unanimously by the board of directors in December. The Monmouth College visioning session included board members, Regional Hub representatives, RSC Advocates, and staff members. In all, folks from eight different states came together to consider how RSC could best support the work of its partners in a sustainable manner.

The approved action plan items are as follows:

  • Successfully launch and implement the I Am a Rural Teacher national advocacy campaign.
  • Formally review the RSC mission and program articulation.
  • Codify and clearly communicate the structural elements of RSC's Regional Hubs.
  • Explore enhanced funding or endowment support for RSC's Grants in Place Fellows program.
  • Approve a revised organizational communications plan.
  • Host "young educator focus groups" in conjunction with the IART Campaign and the Regional Hub network.
  • Plan for RSC leadership succession on the board and staff.
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