Small and Rural School Informal Networking Night

February 12, 2019 |

Rural Schools Collaborative is pleased to share an update on Eastern Illinois University-Rural Teacher Corps:

"Please plan to attend the Small and Rural Schools Networking Night at Eastern Illinois University! EIU College of Education and Rural Schools Collaborative will host on Wednesday, February 20th from 6:00-8:00 in Buzzard Hall 1501 and Atriums. We will begin in Buzzard Hall Auditorium with a very short presentation by a panel of teachers who will share their story and answering your questions about teaching in rural schools. Then there will be an opportunity to meet and network with principals and superintendents from small and rural schools across the region. We have approximately 20 districts from the region that will be present for this event (we will post a list of participating districts early next week to ). These schools are excited about the opportunity to meet students from all programs and all class levels in order to develop relationships for future volunteer experiences, practica, student teaching, and employment. These schools are coming specifically to meet and speak to you so please plan to attend for as much as your schedule allows. While this is primarily a networking night, you are encouraged to bring resumes.

This event is open to all teacher education majors so please share with friends, classmates, and with your instructors. I have attached a copy of the event flyer to share. Proof of attendance certificates will be provided."

Update provided by Teaching, Learning, & Foundations at Eastern Illinois University.

Eastern Illinois University has launched its new Rural Teacher Corps program by recruiting an inaugural class of students and involving them in the planning of the program. The EIU Rural Teacher Corps is open to freshmen through seniors who are education majors with an interest in teaching in a rural community. The first class has 25 participants and is facilitated by Dr. Brian Reid, an adjunct faculty member at EIU, Rural Schools Collaborative advocate, and chair of the Central Illinois Rural School Partnership. Dr. Reid has also helped the University secure external funding to support these kinds of efforts.

We invite you to read more on Eastern Illinois University-Rural Teacher Corps as well as other rural teacher corps efforts.


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