University of North Dakota Summer Reading Camp

UND is excited to bring camp to YOU!

February 7, 2023 |

Every summer, University of North Dakota holds its Summer Reading Camp on our beautiful campus. The camp is designed to promote the literacy growth of students who may be experiencing challenges and delays in reading and writing. Children and families look forward to our camp each year, and there is typically a waitlist to get in. Because of its success, our aim is to support students, families and educators in rural locations too, so UND is excited to bring our Summer Reading Camp to YOU. This email is to inform you and possibly spark your interest in being one of the host schools this summer.

Educators from your school, and/or possibly surrounding schools would serve as the camp teachers, and families of children with reading delays could register to participate in a M-F, 2-hour, 2-week camp designed to provide research-based, small group and individualized interventions, based on assessment analysis customized to support literacy learning and success. UND would provide consultation and collaboration with teachers during the camp as well.

To be a teacher in the camp, educators (paraprofessionals with a teaching license or licensed teachers) would apply to UND's Graduate Reading Program. Once accepted, they will enroll in summer coursework that supports the work in the camp. They will be awarded 4 credits of tuition waivers and they will also receive $500.00 to be used to purchase Science of Reading aligned teaching materials to use during the camp and later in their classrooms.

Learn more in the attached flyer.

View the flyer here
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