From Local to Global - World Education Summit Presentation

Partnership with the Welsh Government to Discuss Rural Educators Across Borders

April 1, 2022 |

Part of Rural Schools Collaborative’s dedication to place-based education is to connect local to global, and one way that we make that connection is through our new program, Rural Educators Across Borders, an extension of the I Am a Rural Teacher Campaign, funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

We were honored to be invited to present more about this place-based, international initiative on the Welsh stage of the World Education Summit! Thanks to our partners at the Welsh Government for highlighting the Rural Educators Across Borders program. You can view the full panel below:

See more from the Rural Educators Across Borders Program:

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Special thanks to Mark Ford, Sarah Perdue, Ieuan Jones and Giulia Vidal who helped jumpstart the Rural Educators Across Borders program. To hear more from international rural educators, check out this article featuring the Princess of Girona Foundation’s Teacher Generation program.

Learn more about the early collaboration between US and Welsh rural teachers that sparked this new iteration with Rural Educators Across Borders, and check out this important Rural Research report from ERW in Wales.

Keep the conversation going by sharing your own rural teaching perspective here on the I Am A Rural Teacher website, or joining the I Am A Rural Teacher Facebook Group! We are looking forward to continuing to build out a digital platform for rural educators to connect, collaborate, and share stories.

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