Shawntasia Butler, Morehead, Kentucky: 2020-2023 YEAC Alum

November 11, 2020 |

Shawntasia Butler, 4th and 5th grade FMD teacher
Rodburn Elementary in Morehead, KY

My name is Shawntasia Butler and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I have always had a passion for teaching but didn’t begin to work with exceptional children until I was in high school. After peer tutoring, I decided to pursue my degree in special education. I graduated from Morehead State University in the 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education Moderate to Severe Disabilities and Elementary Education, and a minor in psychology. I currently work as a 4th and 5th grade FMD teacher in Eastern Kentucky. In my free time I like to read, take walks and spend time with friend and family.

The place I teach at is special because we are a family. We collaborate in and outside of the classroom. If my coworkers, students, or myself need something I know that my school will help me anyway they can.

Teaching in rural areas is important because these areas suffer a great deal already due to various reasons. Being able to have quality teachers will help enhance students education experience.

Joining YEA excites me because I want to be a part of a group who is doing so much to support new rural teachers. Rural area teachers often miss out on opportunities or feel isolated especially new rural teachers. It's nice to have a group that provides information on resources, jobs opportunities, grants, etc. It's also exciting to connect with other young rural teachers and see what they are doing in the classroom.

The Young Educators' Advisory Council is an initiative for early career rural teachers. These young educators will serve RSC as advisors to strengthen our mission in the recruitment, preparation, and retention of rural teachers. YEA council members will serve for two years engaging in online conversations.

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