Public School by Choice

This Rural Community Alliance program celebrates public education!

August 9, 2018 |

The Rural Community Alliance's social marketing campaign is committed to promoting the importance and value of public education.<\/p>"

Editor's Note: We want to thank the Rural Community Alliance for sharing their Public School by Choice campaign with our regional Action Hubs during a webinar this past week. Public schools are the foundation of many rural communities, and we must do everything we can to educate people on the need for and benefits of strong local schools.

“I have chosen public education for my children so that they can grow academically as well as socially and learn to balance the two. I think that public schools are an asset to communities, especially small, poverty stricken ones, and I want my children to know that they can make a difference and shine no matter where they are financially or geographically as long as they do their best.”- Shalondra Smith, Hughes, Arkansas Community Member

For more than fifteen years Arkansas' Rural Community Alliance (RCA) has been advocating for strong rural schools and communities. This statewide organization has an outstanding track record of defending public education and for developing programs and initiatives that support the small communities from the Delta to the Ozark Mountains.

In addition, RCA is a founding organization of the Rural Schools Collaborative, and their staff and board leadership have played key roles in the development of the RSC.

We believe the Public School by Choice campaign is an excellent example of the kinds of social marketing efforts that are needed in rural regions. Public education is essential to rural futures, and small town residents have to understand better the relationship between good schools and a thriving economy.

Please check out the Public School by Choice campaign video and let us know if we can assist you with these kinds of efforts:

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