Local Philanthropy »

Controlling our own destiny:

Community-based philanthropy presents real economic development possibilities for small towns and rural regions. Coooperative efforts between community foundations, school foundations, and planned giving initiatives have outstanding asset development potential.

School Foundations »

The ability to build philanthropic assets for local schools is truly a Rural Advantage.

Rural school districts have a unique opportunity to determine their own futures. Because of people's strong identification with rural schools, the potential to establish and build viable school foundations is real. Whether it is leading a community discussion on planned giving, or rekindling relationships with alumni who have gone elsewhere, a strategic approach to rural school foundation building can pay real dividends.

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Community Foundations »

Local assets for local solutions to local problems!

Community foundations and their work are ideally suited for rural communities. From locally-driven asset development to community-run grant making, community foundations have the potential to engage all citizens in a meaningful form of "democratic" philanthropy.

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Purposeful Planned Giving »

Rural communities must take advantage of this nation's transfer of wealth.

This nation's ongoing and unprecedented transfer of wealth makes it imperative to strongly focus on planned giving programs that benefit rural schools and communities.

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