Rural Teacher Corps

Rural Teacher Corps

Recruiting & preparing teacher-leaders

Rural Teacher Corps programs can spearhead educational innovation and serve as catalysts for thoughtful rural renewal. RSC provides a strong rationale for Rural Teacher Corps with specific recommendations on how to move forward with this concept. In addition, we are proud to work with several exemplary rural teacher corps.

Learn more about this work:

  1. Making The Case: Why is the Rural Teacher Corps concept important to the future of rural communities? Learn why education in the linchpin issue in rural economic development.
  2. Exemplary Efforts: Learn how existing programs that embody Rural Teacher Corps concepts are already impacting rural communities.
  3. Recommendations: On June 13-14, 2016 a group of rural school and community activists gathered on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University to discuss how they might create a better future for their rural schools and communities. At the center of their discussions was the essential question: How do we work together to strengthen the recruitment, preparation, and placement/retention of future rural teacher-leaders? Here is a summary of their work.
  4. RSC also sponsors the "I am a Rural Teacher!" project, which empowers and connects rural teachers around the country, and shares their stories and rural education perspective. We invite you to join this network.

SKETCHING OUT A PLAN: Check out our recent webinar that examined three "rural teacher corps" programs--view here.